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The Hurricane

The Hurricane:(Boxing Drama)
Based on True Story
Rubin Hurricane Carter
,was a Gifted Boxer ,Who was wrongly Imprisoned for Murder Thanks to a Corrupted Cop,Losing 19 Years of His Most Valuable Life.Those who Fought to Prove His Innocence Included a small boy called Lazarus who discovered hurricane's plight through his Biography and Bunch of Social Activists in Toronto.Bob Dylan wrote a Song

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CHE:BLOGGER VIEW:CAST:Benicio del Toro as Ernesto "Che" GuevaraBenjamín Benítez as Harry "Pombo" VillegasJulia Ormond as Lisa HowardArmando Riesco as BenignoCatalina Sandino Moreno as Aleida MarchDemian Bichir as Fidel CastroRodrigo Santoro as Raul CastroSantiago Cabrera as Camilo CienfuegosElvira Minguez as Celia SanchezEdgar Ramirez as Ciro RedondoAlfredo De Quesada as Israel PardoRoberto Santana as Juan Almeida BosqueVictor Rasuk as Rogelio AcevedoFranka Potente as Tamara "Tania" BunkeLou Diamond Phillips as Mario MonjeKahlil Mendez as Urbano[edit] ProductionHavana 1964, Che GuevaPLOTIn HAVANA 1964 Che Guevera is interviewed by Lisa Howard who asks him if reform throughout Latin America might not blunt the "message of the Cuban Revolution". In 1955, at a gathering in Mexico City, Guevara first meets Fidel Castro. He listens to Castro's plans and signs on as a member of the July 26th Movement. There is a return to 1964 for Guevara's address before the United Nations General Assembly, where he makes an impassioned speech against American imperialism, and defends the executions his regime has committed declaring that "this is a battle to the death".March 1957, Guevara deals with debilitating bouts of asthma as his group of revolutionaries meet up with Castro's group. Together, they attack an army barracks on May 28, 1957. On October 15, 1958, the guerrillas approach the town of Las Villas. The Battle of Santa Clara is depicted with Guevara demonstrating his tactical skill as the guerrillas engage in street-to-street fighting. Near the film's end they are victorious. With the Cuban Revolution now over, Guevara heads to Havana, remarking "we won the war, the revolution starts now".The second part begins with Guevara arriving in Bolivia disguised as a middle-aged Uruguayan businessman and drives into the mountains to meet his men. The film is organized by the days that he was in the country. On Day 26, there is solidarity among Guevara's men despite his status as foreigner. By Day 67, Guevara has been set up for betrayal. He tries to recruit some peasants only to be mistaken for a cocaine smuggler. On Day 100, there is a shortage of food and Guevara exercises discipline to resolve conflicts between his Cuban and Bolivian followers.By Day 113, some of the guerrillas have deserted and the Bolivian army has discovered their base camp. Tamara "Tania" Bunke, Guevara's revolutionary contact has botched elaborate preparations and given away their identity much to his chagrin. On Day 141, the guerrillas capture some Bolivian soldiers that refuse to join the revolution and are free to return to their villages. CIA advisers arrive to supervise anti-insurgent activity and training. On Day 169, Guevara's visiting friend, the French intellectual Regis Debray is captured by members of the Bolivian army, which launch an aerial attack on Day 219.Guevara grows sick and by Day 280 can barely breathe as a result of his acute asthma. By Day 340, Guevara is trapped by the Bolivian army and while wounded is surrounded and captured. The next day, a helicopter lands and a Cuban-American CIA agent Félix Rodríguez emerges. Guevara says, "I don't talk to traitors." Rodriguez responds, "You executed my uncle". The Bolivian high command are then phoned and give approval for Guevara's execution. He is killed on October 9, 1967, and his corpse lashed to the landing skids of a helicopter and flown out.

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Pretty Women:

Pretty Woman is a 1990 romantic

comedy film. The film centers on

down-on-her-luck prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) who is hired by a wealthy businessman and corporate raider, Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) to be his escort for several business functions, and their developing relationship.
Pretty Woman was initially intended to be a dark drama about prostitution in
New York but was reconceptualized into a romantic comedy. The film was a critical success and became one of 1990's highest grossing films, and today is one of the most financially successful entries in the romantic comedy genre, with an estimated gross of $464 million USD.[1] Roberts received a Golden Globe Award for her role, and was nominated for an Academy Award in her first blockbuster hit which brought her worldwide acclaim. Screenwriter J. F. Lawton was nominated for a Writers Guild Award and a BAFTA Award. The film was followed by a string of similar romantic comedies, including Runaway Bride, which teamed up Gere and Roberts under the direction of Garry Marshall once again. It is also notable as being Ralph Bellamy's final film before his death in 1991.
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MY/BLOGGER OPINION:Richard Gere one of my Favourite Hollywood Actor.his action and expressions are very simple And realistic...Julia Roberts talk,look and gestures is beautiful you may fine/ see in this movie.its nice movie.
: (1999):

Graham, New York columnist, writes his text always at the last minute. This time, a drunken man in his favourite bar tells Ike about Maggie Carpenter, a woman who always flees from her grooms in the last possible moment. Ike, who does not have the best opinion about females anyway, writes an offensive column without researching the subject thoroughly. The next day, Ike gets fired by his publisher (and former wife), because he went too far and faked the facts, which real journalists don't do. Ike's only way back into the business now is to do a fact-based report on Maggie and her upcoming fourth wedding attempt, which Ike predicts to fail again. So, as he circles her like a vulture his prey-to-be, Maggie's opinion of Ike sinks below zero. Not only is Ike waiting for her to fail again but the whole town is poking fun at Maggie about her mistakes. But that is a point which Ike doesn't like.
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First time i had been watched this movie in MADRAS's(Chennai) SANTHAM AND SUBHAM theatre it s amazing experience why you know?.the sound effect is incredible
Plot Summary :advertisementWith problems appearing between FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, a dangerous conspiracy is starting to appear. A deadly virus, which appears to be of extraterrestrial origin has appeared, which could destroy all life on Earth. With the help of a paranoid doctor, Alvin Kurtzweil, Mulder and Scully must act fast in order to save everyone on the planet.

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Water World

Water World
Hello friends I Saw this movie

its theme is wonderful and thinkable. and one of the most important is, it is the the highest budget Movie in the Hollywood in 1994/1995. our own
1 Factions within the film
1.1 Drifters
1.2 Aquatic human mutants
1.3 Smokers
1.4 Slavers
1.5 Border outposts
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Cast:Kevin Costner,Chiam Girafi,Rick Aviles and R.D.call.
The polar ice caps have melted, and the earth is covered by water. The remaining people travel the seas, in search of survival. Several different societies exist. The Mariner falls from his customary and solitary existence into having to care for a woman and a young girl while being pursued by the evil forces of the Deacon.

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CAST:Val Kilmer,Meg Ryan,Kyle Mec Lachlan,Frank Whaley,Kevin Dillon,Michael Wincott,Michael Madsen,Jack Evans,Jennis Berkely and Billy Idol.
Plot Summary (1991) OliverforThe Doors Stone's homage to 60's rock group The Doors also doubles as a biography of the group's late singer, the "Electric Poet" Jim Morrison. The movie follows Morrison from his days as a film student in Los Angeles to his death in Paris in 1971, at the age of 27. The movies features a tour- de-force performance by Val Kilmer, who not only looks like Jim Morrison's long-lost twin brother, but also sounds so much like him that he did much of his own singing. It has been written that even the surviving Doors had trouble distinguishing Kilmer's vocals from Morrison's originals. Written by Denise P. Meyer

God Father

This movie i was first saw five-years ago when my brother bought the C.D. In this movie Marlon Brando acted is amazingly as a don corleone , and hi team also.ROBERT DUVALL(Tom Hagen)and other gangsters action is excellent and terrific.the god father theme also copied by the bollywood DIRECTORS.DIRECTOR:FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA.BASED ON NOVEL:GOD FATHER(By mario puzo)CAST:Marlon Brando,Al Pacino,James Caann,Richard S.Castillaano,Robert Duvall,Sterling Hayden and John Marley.PLOT:The story begins as "Don" Vito Corleone, the head of a New York Mafia "family", oversees his daughter's wedding. His beloved son Michael has just come home from the war, but does not intend to become part of his father's business. Through Michael's life the nature of the family business becomes clear. The business of the family is just like the head of the family, kind and benevolent to those who give respect, but given to ruthless violence whenever anything stands against the good of the family. Don Vito lives his life in the way of the old country, but times are changing and some don't want to follow the old ways and look out for community and "family". An up and coming rival of the Corleone family wants to start selling drugs in New York, and needs the Don's influence to further his plan. The clash of the Don's fading old world values and the new ways will demand a terrible price, especially from Michael, all for the sake of the family. Written by Charlie Ness

Delta Force



It is the year 1250 B.C. during the late Bronze age. Two emerging nations begin to clash after Paris, the Trojan prince, convinces Helen, Queen of Sparta, to leave her husband Menelaus, and sail with him back to Troy. After Menelaus finds out that his wife was taken by the Trojans, he asks his brother Agamemnom to help him get her back. Agamemnon sees this as an opportunity for power. So they set off with 1,000 ships holding 50,000 Greeks to Troy. With the help of Achilles, the Greeks are able to fight the never before defeated Trojans. But they come to a stop by Hector, Prince of Troy. The whole movie shows their battle struggles, and the foreshadowing of fate in this remake by Wolfgang Petersen of Homer's "The Iliad.''ACTORS:Julian Cox,Nathan Jones,Adoni Moropice,Macob Mmith,Brad Pitt(ACHILIES)John Shrpne,Brenden Glessen,Diane Klrugger(HELEN)Eric Bana(HECTOR)Orlando Bloom and Siri Sveglor etc.NOTE:The troy-emperor,brad pitt and eric bana s action is wonderful in this picture.especially the conversation aand action between achillis and hector is excellent,of course helen too.

Brave Heart

Brave Heart(1995)
Plot SummaryBraveheart (1995) William Wallace is a Scottish reble who leads an uprising against the cruel English ruler Edward the Longshanks, who wishes to inherit the crown of Scotland for himself. When he was a young boy, William Wallace's father and brother, along with many others, lost their lives trying to free Scotland. Once he loses another of his loved ones, William Wallace begins his long quest to make Scotland free once and for all, along with the assistance of Robert the Bruce. Written by David LandersIn this movie Mel Gibibsons action and bravery is amazing ,he fought against english and freed Scotland from English Ruler Edward the longshanks.

Canan and the Barbarian

Arnold gets revenge for what happens to his family. Just a good movie. this role is exclusively suitable for Arnold only.

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An elaborate Hollywood retelling of the Bible stories narrated by the film's director John Huston. We open with the Creation of the World and arrive at the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve (Michael Parks and Ulla Bergryd) and continue on to Cain (Richard Harris) and the murder of Abel (Franco Nero). Next, we visit Noah (John Huston) and his ark with its spectacular flood sequence. Then we come to the story of Nimrod, King of Babel (Stephen Boyd), the emergence of man's vanity and the heights to which it could aspire if unchecked. Finally we cover Abraham (George C. Scott), a mystic who spoke personally with God, a leader of men, a builder of nations, a pioneer and a warrior and Sarah (Ava Gardner). At the time she conceived her first child, the event being forecast by an Angel of the Lord. Three such Heavenly Messengers (all portrayed by Peter O'Toole) appeared in the course of events which befell Abraham and Sarah. Written by alfiehitchie



is a powerful Roman general, loved by the people and the aging Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Before his death, the Emperor chooses Maximus to be his heir over his own son, Commodus, and a power struggle leaves Maximus and his family condemned to death. The powerful general is unable to save his family, and his loss of will allows him to get captured and put into the Gladiator games until he dies. The only desire that fuels him now is the chance to rise to the top so that he will be able to look into the eyes of the man who will feel his revenge. Written by Chris "Morphy" Terry ACTORS:Russel crowe ,Joaquin Phoenix,Conne Nelson,Oliver reed and Richard Harris.In this movie the Australian star Russel Crowe acted as a MAXMUS DECIMUS MERIDIAS who was a powerful and loyal general to the aging EMPEROR ,MARCUS AURELIUS.Russel Crowe 's nick name is RUSTY



The film begins with slaves working in the Roman province of Libya. Spartacus (Kirk Douglas), a burly Thracian, comes to the aid of an old man who has fallen down. A Roman soldier whips Spartacus and tells him to get back to work, only to be attacked and bitten on the ankle. For this, Spartacus is tied up and sentenced to death by starvation. Lentulus Batiatus (Peter Ustinov), a lanista (an impresario of gladiatorial games), arrives looking for recruits for his gladiatorial establishment. He inspects several slaves before finally settling on Spartacus, recognizing his unbroken spirit, along with his good health and physical condition. Batiatus purchases Spartacus and several others, then sails for Capua where his gladiatorial training camp is located. The trainer, Marcellus (Charles McGraw), immediately tries to provoke Spartacus into giving the trainer a reason to kill the Thracian as an example. Spartacus also befriends another gladiator, Crixus (John Ireland).
Draba throws his trident into the spectators' box after refusing to execute SpartacusAfter several scenes showing gladiator training and life at the school, Crassus (Laurence Olivier) arrives with some companions, wishing to be entertained by watching two pairs of gladiators fight to the death. Spartacus is selected along with Crixus, an Ethiopian named Draba (Woody Strode), and another gladiator named Galino. During the first fight, Crixus and Galino are the first to fight, in which Crixus slays Galino. Next, Spartacus duels Draba and is defeated. Draba, however refuses to kill him, instead throwing his trident into the elevated spectators' box and leaping to attack the Romans. Crassus quickly dispatches the slave and prepares to depart. As he leaves, he purchases the pretty slave woman from Britiannia, Varinia (Jean Simmons), whom Batiatus has assigned to Spartacus. Spartacus and Varinia have fallen in love, and in frustration at his loss and the overseer's callous treatment, Spartacus begins a successful uprising. The gladiators eventually take Capua and all the surrounding districts. Many local slaves flock to the insurgents. Spartacus outlines his plan to escape by sea, aboard the ships of the Cilician pirates, whom he plans to pay from the slaves' plunder.
In the Senate of Rome, plebeian senator Sempronius Gracchus (Charles Laughton) cunningly manipulates Crassus's protege and friend Marcus Glabrus (John Dall) into taking six cohorts of the Garrison of Rome out to crush the revolt, leaving the way open for Gracchus's ally, Julius Caesar (John Gavin) to take command of the garrison during the absence of Glabrus. Meanwhile, Crassus receives new slaves as a gift from the governor of Sicily. Among them is Antoninus (Tony Curtis), a former children's tutor from Sicily. After Crassus intimidates him, Antoninus soon runs away to join Spartacus.
Spartacus and Crixus review some new recruits, assigning them positions according to their skills. Antoninus, who is among them, identifies himself as a poet and illusionist. Later he entertains the slave army, but he is determined to be a soldier, indirectly commenting on the relation between politics and art. Spartacus is reunited with Varinia, who had escaped from Batiatus, only to end up the property of yet another master. After assaulting and destroying six cohorts of the Garrison of Rome, Spartacus and his army continue on toward the sea. A humiliated Glabrus returns to Rome, with only fourteen other known survivors of the attack. After a senate hearing, Crassus is forced to banish Glabrus from Rome for his carelessness.
Rome keeps sending armies to put down the rebellion, but Spartacus defeats them all; one such defeat at Metapontum costs the Romans 19,000 men. Crassus resigns from the Senate, supposedly to share the disgrace of his exiled friend Glabrus. However, Gracchus suspects that he is merely waiting for the situation to become so desperate that the senators will make him dictator, thus neutralizing Gracchus's rival plebeian party. Gracchus, for his own purposes, maneuvers to help the slaves to escape in order to deny Crassus his opportunity. A disgusted Caesar betrays Gracchus, however, and Crassus reaches deep into his own pockets to defeat the plan.
When the former slaves reach the coast, they discover that the Cilicians have been bought off by Crassus. The Cilician envoy (Herbert Lom) offers to convey Spartacus, along with the pregnant Varinia and Spartacus's senior officers, to Asia to live like kings. The honest Thracian, however, is unwilling to abandon his army. Spartacus finds himself trapped between three Roman armies (Pompey in Calabria, Lucullus in Brundisium and the Garrison of Rome). The Roman deployment has maneuvered Spartacus into a position where he can be trapped between two Roman armies, and his only other choice is to fight his way through to Rome itself, a strategy with little chance of success. Meanwhile, the Senate gives Crassus the sweeping powers he desires. In parallel scenes, Spartacus harangues the slaves, while Crassus warns against the elimination of patrician privileges. Batiatus is hired by Crassus to help him identify Spartacus after his expected capture, and is in turn promised the dealership of the survivors of Spartacus's army after its defeat.
Spartacus fights his way through the Roman ranks on horsebackThe climactic battle begins with Spartacus leading his troops, men and women, against the Garrison of Rome. During the fighting, the slaves initially enjoy some success, but later on Crixus is killed, and the slave forces are overwhelmed by the arrival of the armies of Pompey and Lucullus. The battle results in the total defeat of the rebel army, heavy casualties on both sides, and the capture of many survivors, including Spartacus and Antoninus. Crassus promises the captives that they will not be punished if they will identify Spartacus or his body. Spartacus and Antoninus stand up, but before Spartacus can speak, Antoninus shouts "I'm Spartacus!" In a powerful scene, one by one, each surviving slave stands, shouting out "I'm Spartacus!" Crassus condemns them all to be crucified along the Appian Way from the battlefield to the gates of Rome, against Batiatus's wishes. He saves Antoninus and Spartacus for last, recognizing the former and recalling the latter's face and name from his visit to Capua. The slaves are marched along the Appian Way, where, one by one, they are crucified.
Meanwhile, Batiatus sees that the revenge of Crassus denies him the promised lucrative auction of the surviving slaves. Varinia and her first born son, recovered from the battlefield, are taken to Crassus's home. Crassus tries to use Varinia as a love slave, and he unsuccessfully tries to woo her. In his last act before committing suicide, the disgraced Gracchus generously hires Batiatus to steal Varinia from Crassus, then grants freedom for her and her son, personally writing out manumission documents for them. After they leave, Gracchus examines two daggers, looks at one and says "Hmm... prettier". Grabbing one dagger and putting down the other, he goes into the adjoining room, closing the curtains behind him as he leaves.
Meanwhile, prior to execution, Spartacus talks of how he saw slaves "rise up from the dust" to challenge Rome. Crassus arrives and orders Spartacus and Antoninus to duel to the death, too impatient to wait for the next day's celebrations in which the pair was to figure, and furious at Spartcus's refusal to confirm his identity, Crassus declares that the winner will be crucified. Each man tries to kill the other, to spare his companion a slow, agonizing death on the cross. After killing Antoninus, Spartacus is informed that Varinia and her son are slaves of Crassus, and he is then crucified by the walls of Rome. Crassus admits to Caesar that he now and for the first time fears Spartacus, who has become a martyr.
Batiatus and Varinia leave for Gaul via the Appian Way and find Spartacus hanging on the last cross by the road, not quite dead. Varinia shows Spartacus their newborn son, vowing that he will grow up a free man, promises to tell her son, "Who his father was, and what he dreamed of," and bids Spartacus a final farewell. With one last breath, Spartacus's head slumps back, and Varinia gets back onto the wagon and rides on.
[edit] Cast

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Great Epic
The film's
prologue depicts the traditional story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Twenty-six years later, Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston) is a wealthy merchant of noble blood in Jerusalem. Preceding the arrival of a new governor, Judah's childhood friend Messala (Stephen Boyd), a military Tribune, returns as the new commanding officer of the Roman Empire garrison. At first Judah and Messala are happy to meet after years apart, but their differing political views separate them: Messala believes in the glory of Rome and worldly imperial power, while Ben-Hur is devoted to his faith and the Jewish people. Messala asks Ben-Hur to caution his countrymen about protests, uprisings, or criticism of the Roman government. Judah counsels his countrymen against rebellion but refuses to disclose dissidents' names, and the two part in anger.
Judah's family welcomes two of their slaves who arrive with a caravan from Antioch: Simonides (
Sam Jaffe), their loyal steward, and Simonides's 24-year-old daughter Esther (Haya Harareet), who is preparing for an arranged marriage. Judah gives Esther her freedom as a wedding present, and the two realize they are attracted to each other.
During the welcoming parade for
Valerius Gratus, the new Roman governor, a tile falls from the roof of Ben-Hur's house and startles the governor's horse, which throws him off, nearly killing him. Although Messala knows that it was an accident, he condemns Judah to the galleys and imprisons Judah's mother Miriam (Martha Scott) and sister Tirzah (Cathy O'Donnell), in an effort to intimidate the restive Jewish populace by punishing the family of a known friend. Ben-Hur swears to return and take revenge. En route to the sea, he is denied water when his slave gang arrives at Nazareth. He collapses in despair, but a then-unknown Jesus Christ gives him water and renews his will to survive.
After three years as a galley slave, Judah is assigned to the flagship of
Roman Consul Quintus Arrius (Jack Hawkins), tasked by the Emperor to destroy a fleet of Macedonian pirates. The commander notices Ben-Hur's self-discipline and resolve, and offers to train him as a gladiator or charioteer, but Ben-Hur declines, declaring that God will aid him. Arrius questions Ben-Hur's will to live, while Judah in response asks why Arrius lost his—unknown to Ben-Hur, Arrius' son and sole heir had recently died, leaving him alone and embittered.
As Arrius prepares the galley for battle, he orders the rowers chained but unaccountably orders 41 (Judah) to be left unchained. When the pirates attack the Romans, Arrius's galley is rammed and sunk, but Judah unchains other rowers, escapes and saves Arrius's life and, since Arrius believes the battle ended in defeat, also prevents him from committing suicide during their time afloat. Eventually, they are rescued by a Roman vessel and Arrius is credited with the Roman fleet's victory, and in gratitude petitions
Tiberius Julius Caesar (George Relph) to drop all charges against Judah, eventually adopting Judah as his son. To signify the event, Arrius gives Judah his family insignia ring, which was to have gone to his dead son. With regained freedom and wealth, Judah learns Roman ways and becomes a champion charioteer. However, Judah's desire to seek the fate of his family overwhelms him, and Arrius gives Ben-Hur his blessing to return.
On his journey home to Judea, he happens to become acquainted with
Balthasar (Finlay Currie) and his host, an Arab sheik named Ilderim (Hugh Griffith), who owns four magnificent white Arabian horses and wishes to have them trained for chariot racing. Discovering that Judah had been a winning charioteer in Rome, Ilderim introduces him to his "children" and requests that he drive his quadriga in the upcoming race before the new governor, Pontius Pilate (Frank Thring). Ben-Hur begins to reconsider upon learning that Messala, considered the finest charioteer in Judea, will also compete in the race. (As Ben-Hur is leaving, Ilderim adds, "There is no law in the arena. Many are killed.")
Returning to Judea, Judah finds that Esther's arranged marriage did not occur and that she is still in love with him. He visits Messala and demands that he free his mother and sister; Messala sends Drusus (
Terence Longdon) to the fortress to look for them. When the soldiers enter the cell, they discover that Miriam and Tirzah have contracted leprosy, and they turn them out of the city. Esther learns of their condition when she finds the two women after nightfall in the Hur house's courtyard; and they beseech her to conceal their condition from Judah and allow him to remember them as they were. Esther tells Judah that his mother and sister have died in prison.
Upon learning this, Judah decides to exact his revenge, and enters the chariot race at the local
circus with Sheik Ilderim as his sponsor. Messala takes up the challenge and arrives driving a "Greek chariot," with blades on the hubs, designed to tear apart chariots that come too close. In the violent and grueling chariot race, Messala removes several opponents by damaging their chariots with these sharpened hubs. However, when Messala attempts to tear a wheel from Judah's chariot, the wheel is torn from Messala's chariot instead and his chariot disintegrates. Messala is dragged behind his horses and then trampled by another competitor's horses, sustaining severe injuries. Judah goes on to win the race. After receiving the victor's laurel wreath from Pilate, Judah visits Messala in the infirmary, where surgeons are amputating both legs in a futile attempt to save his life. Before dying, Messala bitterly tells Judah that the race is not over: he can find his mother and sister in the "Valley of the Lepers." Judah leaves in anguish to search for his family, and he is devastated when he finds them in their diseased and disfigured condition.
After all of this tragedy and pain, Pilate tells Ben-Hur news that he as been named a Citizen of Rome—a proclamation that is one of great honor; however it turns out to be an empty honor, as Ben-Hur tells Pilate how Rome's influence has destroyed his family and poisoned his friend Messala. Pilate responds that Ben-Hur, who is now a hero of the Judean people, is too dangerous and must leave the city. Instead, Ben-Hur gives Pilate Arrius's family ring, and tells Pilate he honors Arrius too much to wear it any longer. With this act, Ben-Hur abandons his Roman status and becomes an enemy of the state.
The film is subtitled "A Tale of the Christ", and it is at this point that Jesus reappears. Esther witnesses the
Sermon on the Mount and is moved by Christ's words. She tells Ben-Hur about it, but he remains bitter and will not be consoled. Learning that Tirzah is dying, they take her and Miriam to see Jesus, but they cannot get near him, as his trial has begun. (We don't hear the testimony, verdict, or sentence; but we see Pilate famously washing his hands.) Recognizing Jesus from his encounter with him as he was being taken to the galleys, Judah attempts to give him water during his march to Calvary, echoing Jesus' kindness to him, but he is shoved away by the guards.
Eventually, Judah witnesses the
Crucifixion. Immediately after Christ's death, Miriam and Tirzah are healed by a miracle, as are Judah's heart and soul. He returns to his home and tells Esther that as he heard Jesus talk of forgiveness while on the cross, "I felt His voice take the sword out of my hand." The film, which had begun with the Magi visiting the infant Jesus, ends with the empty crosses of Calvary in the background and a shepherd and his flock (a prominent Christian symbol) in the foregroundCast
Charlton Heston as Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince
Stephen Boyd as Messala, Judah's boyhood companion
Martha Scott as Miriam, Judah's mother
Cathy O'Donnell as Tirzah, Judah's sister
Haya Harareet as Esther, Judah's love interest
Sam Jaffe as Simonides, Esther's father
Jack Hawkins as Quintus Arrius, Judah's Roman patron and adoptive father
Terence Longdon as Drusus, Messala's assistant
Hugh Griffith as Sheik Ilderim
Finlay Currie as Balthasar, the mage / pre-credits narrator
Frank Thring as Pontius Pilate
Claude Heater (uncredited) as Jesus, whose face is barely shown
Marina Berti as Flavia, Judah's Unwife and husband
Jose Greci as Mary (mother of Jesus)
Laurence Payne as Joseph, Jesus' Father
Richard Hale as Gaspar, the 1st wise man / the mage
Reginald Lal Singh as Melchior, the 3rd wise man / the mage
Michael Dugan as seaman, from the galleys

Ten Commandments

Amazing Movie !

The Ten Commandments (1956 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Ten Commandments (50th Anniversary Collection)
The Ten Commandments