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Pretty Women:

Pretty Woman is a 1990 romantic

comedy film. The film centers on

down-on-her-luck prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) who is hired by a wealthy businessman and corporate raider, Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) to be his escort for several business functions, and their developing relationship.
Pretty Woman was initially intended to be a dark drama about prostitution in
New York but was reconceptualized into a romantic comedy. The film was a critical success and became one of 1990's highest grossing films, and today is one of the most financially successful entries in the romantic comedy genre, with an estimated gross of $464 million USD.[1] Roberts received a Golden Globe Award for her role, and was nominated for an Academy Award in her first blockbuster hit which brought her worldwide acclaim. Screenwriter J. F. Lawton was nominated for a Writers Guild Award and a BAFTA Award. The film was followed by a string of similar romantic comedies, including Runaway Bride, which teamed up Gere and Roberts under the direction of Garry Marshall once again. It is also notable as being Ralph Bellamy's final film before his death in 1991.
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MY/BLOGGER OPINION:Richard Gere one of my Favourite Hollywood Actor.his action and expressions are very simple And realistic...Julia Roberts talk,look and gestures is beautiful you may fine/ see in this movie.its nice movie.
: (1999):

Graham, New York columnist, writes his text always at the last minute. This time, a drunken man in his favourite bar tells Ike about Maggie Carpenter, a woman who always flees from her grooms in the last possible moment. Ike, who does not have the best opinion about females anyway, writes an offensive column without researching the subject thoroughly. The next day, Ike gets fired by his publisher (and former wife), because he went too far and faked the facts, which real journalists don't do. Ike's only way back into the business now is to do a fact-based report on Maggie and her upcoming fourth wedding attempt, which Ike predicts to fail again. So, as he circles her like a vulture his prey-to-be, Maggie's opinion of Ike sinks below zero. Not only is Ike waiting for her to fail again but the whole town is poking fun at Maggie about her mistakes. But that is a point which Ike doesn't like.
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First time i had been watched this movie in MADRAS's(Chennai) SANTHAM AND SUBHAM theatre it s amazing experience why you know?.the sound effect is incredible
Plot Summary :advertisementWith problems appearing between FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, a dangerous conspiracy is starting to appear. A deadly virus, which appears to be of extraterrestrial origin has appeared, which could destroy all life on Earth. With the help of a paranoid doctor, Alvin Kurtzweil, Mulder and Scully must act fast in order to save everyone on the planet.

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Water World

Water World
Hello friends I Saw this movie

its theme is wonderful and thinkable. and one of the most important is, it is the the highest budget Movie in the Hollywood in 1994/1995. our own
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Cast:Kevin Costner,Chiam Girafi,Rick Aviles and R.D.call.
The polar ice caps have melted, and the earth is covered by water. The remaining people travel the seas, in search of survival. Several different societies exist. The Mariner falls from his customary and solitary existence into having to care for a woman and a young girl while being pursued by the evil forces of the Deacon.